Who We Are

LegacyTree Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to provide spiritual, physical and humanitarian aid to those in need.

LegacyTree Foundation offers planned giving programs called LEGACYPLANS that offer individuals and families the ability to maximize their giving while addressing their financial needs.

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Why you should incorporate LegacyPlans into your practice

Currently 69% of the population gives to charity, and research shows they would like to give even more if they could receive a greater financial impact through their giving. As a Professional Advisor, you can guide them to give wisely. Incorporating LegacyPlans into your practice gives you access to a unique and effective planning tool that can help your clients reach their tax, income, estate, and philanthropic goals.

The founders of LegacyTree Foundation have been in the charitable planning arena for over 20 years and have the knowledge and resources you need to effectively incorporate this valuable tool into your practice.

What is a LegacyPlan?

There are three types of LegacyPlans that can be helpful in reaching your client’s goals.

Term Certain LegacyPlan

A bargain sale coupled with an installment income to provide an income for a term of years with named beneficiaries and immediate tax benefits.


LifeTime LegacyPlan

A charitable gift annuity that provides an in income for one or two lives with immediate tax benefits.


Legacy Endowment Advised Fund (LEAF)

A donor advised account that provides the flexibility to advise distributions to charitable causes on an annual basis.