What Is a LegacyPlan?

LegacyPlans are simplified planned giving programs, as outlined in the IRS Code, that enable families and individuals to utilize assets such as cash and liquid assets, securities, annuities and real estate to create new benefits for themselves and/or their heirs. Benefits include a structured income as well as a charitable tax deduction, reduction of capital gains and estate tax. Each LegacyPlan offers the donor the opportunity to recommend their favorite charity to receive an upfront grant. The three types of LegacyPlans outlined below offer the versatility for each plan to be personally crafted to fit a donor's financial and philanthropic goals.

Term Certain LegacyPlan*

Provides immediate or deferred income for a specified term of years and allows named beneficiaries to receive any remainder income. Beneficiaries can also include named charities.

Lifetime LegacyPlan*

Provides immediate or deferred income for one or two lives. Income can be used to fund life insurance or used for retirement or even provide lifetime income to children.

LEAF LegacyPlan

The Legacy Endowment Advised Fund (LEAF) is a donor advised fund which provides the flexibility of advising the charitable distributions to multiple organizations and the ability to advise such distributions on an annual basis. The charitable deduction is for the full asset value with a five year carry forward.

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Who Can Create a LegacyPlan?

LegacyPlans are not just for the wealthy. In fact, LegacyPlans are available to anyone who would like to create valuable tax benefits, structure an income for themselves and/or heirs, and support their favorite charities. Contact us or your financial advisor to see how you and your family can benefit from a LegacyPlan!

Why Create a LegacyPlan?

A LegacyPlan offers a combination of unique benefits that allow an individual or family to achieve tax, income and philanthropic goals in one simple transaction.

Ultimately and most importantly, more funds are provided to deserving charities.

Common Assets Used to Fund a LegacyPlan


Utilizing your annuity to fund a LegacyPlan may help avoid passing on accrued gains to heirs by setting up a structured income for heirs while helping support charities.


Using stocks, bonds or mutual funds to fund a LegacyPlan allows you to exit appreciated securities while eliminating a portion of the taxable gain and enjoying an immediate tax deduction.

Real Estate

If you own any type of real estate such as rental property, second home, farmland, commercial or industrial property, a LegacyPlan can help you exit the property while eliminating a portion of the capital gain.

Liquid Assets

Utilizing liquid assets to fund a LegacyPlan provides immediate tax benefits that can be used creatively to achieve a number of objectives, such as accessing qualified funds more tax efficiently, or simply lowering taxes.

*A LegacyPlan may consist of a charitable gift annuity, a charitable bargain sale with an installment payment contract. Not all LegacyPlan programs are available in every state. LTF is an Oklahoma 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. LTF does not provide tax, legal or financial advice. Individuals should seek tax, legal, and financial advice from an independent professional advisor.