What is Mercy Ministries?

Mercy Ministries’ free-of-charge, voluntary faith-based residential program serves young women from all socio-economic backgrounds, ages 13-28, who face a combination of life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, depression and unplanned pregnancy. Mercy also serves young women who have been physically and sexually abused, including victims of sex trafficking. Using proven methods, a holistic approach and professional counselors in a structured residential environment, Mercy has helped thousands of young women be restored to wholeness. Mercy’s goal is to help these young women find freedom from their issues and empower them to serve in their communities as productive citizens.

Read Priscilla’s powerful story of freedom and transformation through Mercy Ministries:

Priscilla's Story

2010 Graduate

I was born in Puerto Rico to an alcoholic mother, and I never knew my father. At age six, social services removed me from my mother’s custody and placed me in foster care. I was adopted when I was 13 and brought to the United States. I hoped my move to the U.S. would lead to a bright, new future. When I started school, my grades suffered due to ADHD and fetal alcohol syndrome. When I was 19, I ran away from home in hopes of escaping my parents’ authority. My life spun out of control, and I became severely depressed. I struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction, an eating disorder and self-harm.

Eventually, I started working at a strip club and hanging out with a rough crowd. I dated a bouncer at the strip club and eventually moved in with him. I had no idea that he did not care for me at all, but only the money he could make by selling me for sex. It wasn’t long until I realized that he was setting me up to be used. I tried to leave him, but he drugged me. When I woke up the next morning, I was bleeding, severely bruised and was devastated to find his prison number tattooed on my wrist. I had no idea where I was, and it soon became clear that I was a victim of sex trafficking.

After almost four years of being held captive against my will, used and abused in every imaginable way, I knew I had to fight for my freedom. One night when the guards were distracted, I decided to make a run for it. During the escape, I was stabbed, but still managed to get away and make it inside a convenience store right before I passed out from loss of blood. The next day I woke up in a hospital bed and felt safe for the first time in years. My attacker was eventually sentenced to life in prison, but I realized I needed help beyond physical safety. I needed to be healed and freed from the abuse and life-controlling issues that followed, which included self-harm and a severe eating disorder. I heard about Mercy Ministries at a Barlow Girl concert and decided to apply.

While at Mercy, I became a Christian! Through times of praise and worship, I really began to feel God’s presence. I learned that Jesus loves me unconditionally, and I am redeemed, accepted and more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ! I now see myself the way God sees me – pure, clean and whole.

Since graduating from Mercy, my relationship with my family has been restored! I look forward to attending St. Louis Christian College and being involved in ministry. I have had the prison number tattoo that previously identified me as a victim covered with an image of a sparrow. I have a passion to help other young women who have been victims of this horrific crime. I want to be a voice to bring change and to put an end to sex trafficking in the U.S. and beyond.

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