What is Danita's Children?

Danita's Children rescues and cares for orphaned children, meeting their needs spiritually, physically, academically and emotionally. Founded by Danita Estrella in January 1999, the organization began with a small house and fourteen children in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Currently Danita's Children has over 100 orphans, a school that provides an education to nearly 500 children, and 18,000 meals are fed each month through the feeding program. A church and congregation of 500 Haitians provides a place of spiritual hope, and a medical center for children is currently under construction.

Danita set out to fulfill this dream in 1999, after crossing into Haiti during a trip to the Dominican Republic as an interpreter.

"With little more than a few suitcases and a willing heart, in 1999 I set out to pursue a dream," says Danita. "I knew what God had put in my heart. I wasn't quite sure how it would, or could, all come together. Many of my friends and family were supportive. But there were a few who told me it was impossible for a young American woman, all alone to make that dream a reality. However, I knew in my heart that ‘everything is possible for him who believes.’ (Mark 9:23) And so I started. With 14 orphans and a rented house, my dream of taking care of orphaned children in Haiti became a reality."

According to UNICEF and the US Agency for International Development, there are 149 Million orphans globally. Every day 5,760 more children become orphans. There are 300,000 children in bonded labor, called restaveks or slaves, in Haiti, and an additional 404,000 to 460,000 orphans. The median age in Haiti is 18 years, meaning that 50% of the population is children, and roughly 8% of those children are without parents. Danita's Children exists to answer the need for orphan rescue and care in Haiti and around the world.

Danita's Children is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization with its stateside offices located in Orlando, Florida. The organization is governed by a board of directors, and is managed by a CEO, Executive Director, and a 75-member staff.

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