LegacyTree Foundation (LTF) believes that as caring Christians we should act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.* Therefore we provide spiritual, physical and humanitarian aid to those in need.

Individuals and families who create LegacyPlans may recommend charities of their choosing** to benefit from their transactions.

A number of these organizations who have benefitted from LTF LegacyPlans are listed on the Charitable Recipients page. However, in many instances families allow the charitable proceeds to be distributed to non-profit organizations selected by LTF. LTF performs due diligence to determine those charities who will receive support through the planned giving efforts of LTF. Currently, LTF is proud to lend our commitment and support to the organization(s) listed on the Charitable Impact Partners page.

*Micah 6:8

**Subject to approval by the LTF Board of Directors