Many donors and clients who have completed LegacyPlans have recommended that grants be directed to their own local churches or favorite ministries. Some of these religious organizations also provide humanitarian assistance as a way of expressing their faith and as such, may also be included in other categories because of their heavy emphasis on providing aid and support to those in need. The following is a partial listing of churches and religious organizations who have received grants as a result of completed LegacyPlans.

Religious Organizations

Danita's Children/Hope for Haiti Childrens Center
"We Rescue, Love and Care for Orphans"
Faith Search Int'l
"Proclaiming the gospel with evidence to all peoples everywhere."
Forever Families
"Tearing Down Walls and Building Up Families"
Hope International
"Investing in the dreams of the poor in the world's underserved communities"
Independent Faith Missions
"Supporting international missions and missionaries"
Int'l Christian Literature Distributors, Inc.
"Distributing Christian literature and Gospel materials around the world for over 40 years free of charge"
Jewish Family Services
"Assisting individuals and families with life's planned and unplanned challenges and transitions."
Laborers Together International
"Helping 'ordinary' people do extraordinary things for God"
Lifeline Family Center
"Providing 'life choices' to young pregnant women."
Mercy Ministries
"Providing hope and healing to generations of desperate young women."
Salvation Army
"Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ & meeting human needs in His name without discrimination."
Samaritan's Purse
"Following Christ’s command to aid the world's poor, sick, and suffering."
St. Matthew's House
"Offering housing for the homeless & food for the needy."
Straitgate Church Missions
"Unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"
Whole Armour Ministries, Inc.
Website Not Available
"Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ"
World Villages for Children
"Helping children break free from a life of poverty"


Bay Marin Community Church
"The life of faith is an adventure."
Calvin Presbyterian Church
"Faithful to Christ, Seeking and Serving His Call"
Church of Christ of St Joseph, MO
"Join us in worship to God, in the study of His word, and in fellowship with one another."
Coal Creek Chapel
"A community of people who love Jesus Christ"
First Presbyterian Church
"Growing in the Grace of God."
Flander Baptist Community Church
Website Not Available
Gracepointe Church
"Loving God, Loving Self, Loving Others"
Kuna Baptist Church
Website Not Available
Longview Church of Christ
"New Testament Christianity Today"
Memorial Lutheran
"… Proclaiming the Gospel to All…"
Moraga Presbyterian Church
"Exalting God's Name and Extending God's Love"
Parkers Lake Baptist
"… Knowing… Loving… Serving"
Pella Lutheran Church
".. A Place of Refuge…"
St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
"Christ's Love… Our Calling"
St. Bernard's Church
"A Parish of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet, IL"