Utilizing your Indexed, Fixed, or Variable Annuity for a LegacyPlan will allow you to achieve a number of objectives.

  • Avoid passing taxes on accrued gains to heirs.
  • Create an immediate income tax deduction.
  • Generate income for yourself and/or a structured inheritance for heirs.
  • Support your favorite charity or non-profit organization.

Here’s how it works:

  • Transfer ownership of your current annuity to LegacyTree Foundation (LTF) by completing a simple change of ownership form.
  • LTF absorbs surrender penalties and issues a new LegacyPlan at the full accumulation value.
  • Receive immediate or deferred income payments for life or specified number of years. The income stream can be directed to you, your spouse, your heirs or your favorite charity.
  • A tax deduction is created. This deduction can be applied to your tax return to offset gains and may also be used to lower your taxable income reported to the IRS for the first year, with 5 years of carry-forward, if applicable.
  • LTF supports charitable works with a portion of the proceeds from the transaction.

*A LegacyPlan may consist of a charitable gift annuity, a charitable bargain sale with an installment payment contract, or a charitable remainder annuity trust. Not all LegacyPlan programs are available in every state.
LTF is an Oklahoma 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. LTF does not provide tax, legal or financial advice. Individuals should seek tax, legal, and financial advice from an independent professional advisor.