The LTF team has a long and productive history of working closely with professional advisors to design and structure transactions that provide tax-advantaged solutions for families and individuals, while benefitting charitable causes.

Whether you are an estate planning attorney, insurance agent, financial planner, a CPA - or - you simply desire to structure planned giving transactions on behalf of a charity you are affiliated with, we look forward to being a resource and a partner for you.

A LegacyPlan from LTF may be an appropriate option to consider for your client or donor if, in addition to supporting charitable causes:

  • They own appreciated real estate and would like to liquidate it for these potential benefits: avoid capital gains, reduce estate tax exposure, create an income tax deduction, increase current income, replace rental income, and/or pass asset value to heirs with an irrevocable life insurance trust
  • The uncertainty and volatility of their stocks or securities holdings has created worry and concern. They would like to move out of the market for the same reasons as above
  • They own annuities which they plan to pass to their heirs but are concerned about the tax implications
  • There is concern about out-living their income or resources
  • Taxes (either income taxes, capital gains taxes, or estate taxes) are a perceived problem for them
  • The idea of structuring an inheritance for their heirs is attractive

These are a just few of the numerous indicators that an LTF LegacyPlan may be a viable option to consider. Please review some of the simplified planned giving programs available in our LegacyPlan Overview section. We look forward to discussing these possibilities with you and working together on structuring solutions for your clients that are both suitable and effective for each particular situation.

Your clients may recommend the charity of their choice to benefit from the transaction* or choose to support one of LTF’s partner charities. If you are affiliated with a particular non-profit, then we look forward to partnering with you to provide a new funding source by facilitating charitable planned giving transactions on a turn-key basis.

*Contingent upon LTF Board approval